Michigan's premier cycling race team


Want to ride for the coolest team in Michigan (possibly even THE WORLD)?? Here's your chance! The RACING GREYHOUNDS have opened up team applications. Whether you're a seasoned vet or a total newbie, this team is for you. We're looking for positive riders and racers!

Registration is ongoing. To sign up, follow this link:



What do you get as a RACING GREYHOUND? I'm glad you asked!

Amazing race support. Each of our supported races is fully stocked with food, tools, and tents. Just show up with your gear and you're covered. Most events are very well attended by racers. We have support from non-racers that can provide mechanical support, mid-race encouragement, and recovery beers.

Great discounts. We have multiple opportunities throughout the year to purchase the stuff we need at great, team-only prices. We have some amazing deals in the works!

Sponsor benefits. We hold multiple events at Woodland Lanes throughout the year. Giant Bicycles keeps us rolling along with SRAM. Of course, Cycle to Fitness sponsors the team as well to keep you and your ride in good shape!

Group rides all over metro Detroit. There are the staples like Maybury Miles mountain bike ride and Tuesday Night Worlds road ride from the shop, as well as Thursday night CX training during the fall. We're constantly working out more weekly group rides at other metro Detroit locales. We also have group rides at different locations throughout the year, lead by team members who are familiar with the area.


Sound awesome? That's 'cause it is awesome! But nothing's free in this world, there are a few things we require from our racers:

A positive attitude. We're out to have fun and try to win, in that order.

Dedication. We ask that you start 5 races throughout the year. Too much? No problem! We have a touring team with fewer requirements. Don't worry, you'll still be 100% RACING GREYHOUND teammate.

Community service. We ask that you complete a few trail days throughout the year, volunteer at some races, or otherwise donate your time to the communities around you.

Writing the team name as RACING GREYHOUNDS. All caps. It's a thing, don't ask why.

If all this sounds like it would be right down your alley, submit your application to become a RACING GREYHOUND. We look forward to hearing from you!